Saturday Mornings

It’s 9:00 a.m. on a sunny Saturday morning. You wake up and roll over to face the warm body beside you. It’s the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen. You wrap your body around the one next to you and say, “Good morning sweetheart.” His eyes slowly open and he lets a soft grin overcome his mouth. He kisses you good morning and says, “Hello beautiful.” Intertwined, you two fall back to sleep together and snooze away another hour before you decide to get up. You sneak out from under his cozy body and tiptoe your way to the kitchen to put on some sausage gravy and biscuits because they’re his favorite. A few minutes later he walks in the kitchen, obviously drawn to the aroma of the sizzling sausage filling up the house. Since it’s such a beautiful springtime morning, you two decide to enjoy the breakfast and each other’s company outside on the porch. You’ve been together for years but still flirt and play like you’re on your honeymoon.

That’s how everyone dreams his or her life will be like with “the one”, you know, your soul mate, the love of your life, your other half. I know that’s always what I daydreamed my life would be like when I was twenty-five or so. I would be fresh out of college with my masters in childhood education and married to my long-time college sweetheart. He would be a doctor, a lawyer, maybe even a college football player going pro. Whatever he was, he was going to be something important. It hasn’t quite happened like that. Needless to say, life has a mind of her own and laughs at your daydreams because she knows that things never work out how you plan for them to. So for me, rolling over to the warm body beside me means facing the back of a head full of scruffy curls and a back and arms full of tattoos. Usually I’m glad I’m facing the back of his head and not his face because his morning breath is no joke. That means those good morning kisses? Yeah, they don’t happen very often until the teeth have been brushed and the mouthwash has been swished. Oh and the waking up at 9:00 and going back to sleep definitely never happens because we have a baby. We have a beautiful little baby boy who likes to wake up multiple times during the night and also early as crap in the morning. I do make breakfast on the weekends when my man isn’t working. I mean, that’s the least I could do for him seeing that I don’t do a damn thing on weekday mornings since he wakes up at the crack of dawn for work. And yes, we do occasionally flirt and play in the mornings. Occasionally. Most of the time he just farts on me and laughs about it.

We don’t have breakfast on the porch. We don’t really have breakfast at the kitchen table either. He usually ends up doing his own thing and I do mine. As you can tell, my Saturday mornings haven’t turned out the way I had pictured them turning out when I was sitting in my 8th grade math class daydreaming about how “cool” life was going to be like when I had a family of my own. The thing is, though, that I wouldn’t ever want to have it any other way. My life with my other half is beautiful and perfect for us, even if it’s not like a scene out of a cheesy RedBox romance movie. I wouldn’t trade a single Saturday morning for a thousand spent another way.


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